Happy End of the Year!

The end of the year was nicely spent finishing up art projects in all classes- Art I and II with their altered books and Drawing I/II and Painting I with year-long concentration works based on a theme. The AP students finished with their exam on May 10th which went extremely well (we had lots of […]

Big Kids and Little Kids: Collaborating with CES through art!

Today, Ms. Ingui and the students in the painting class had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Mrs. Fowlkes’ first grade class at Carrollton Elementary School. The collaboration between the two teachers is special, not only because having students teach and work with other students is a great opportunity for learning, but also because Ms. Ingui […]

Painting: Broken Glass Bugs

In the Painting course this semester, we are studying color theory and the application of color, mixing color, and creating contrast with color. The students have created broken bug paintings, in which they were assigned to choose an insect to draw, create a large composition featuring the insect and it’s parts, and introduce a “broken […]