Happy End of the Year!

The end of the year was nicely spent finishing up art projects in all classes- Art I and II with their altered books and Drawing I/II and Painting I with year-long concentration works based on a theme. The AP students finished with their exam on May 10th which went extremely well (we had lots of […]

Going contemporary at CHS with ART21

Something that has ALWAYS interested me as a student, artist, and teacher has been contemporary art. Contemporary art really does include and cover so many different things, people, art, places, spaces, meanings, materials, etc. but ultimately it is a movement that is currently happening- it is art that is being made in the present. Art […]

Art I and Assemblage Sculptures

Earlier this semester, one of the Art I courses worked on a sculpture unit and studied Louise Nevelson and her assemblage sculptures. Here are a couple of images from the last day- the spraying of the sculptures! December wasn’t so cold for us, so this outdoor experience was quite nice. The sculptures are currently on […]