Going contemporary at CHS with ART21


Something that has ALWAYS interested me as a student, artist, and teacher has been contemporary art. Contemporary art really does include and cover so many different things, people, art, places, spaces, meanings, materials, etc. but ultimately it is a movement that is currently happening- it is art that is being made in the present. Art that is modern and non-traditional is categorized as contemporary. I love contemporary art and artists because they are typically living and creating in the now- something that is always nice to remember: the process, the person, the place- not just the product.

Art21 defines contemporary art as the work produced by artists of the twenty-first century. It is both a mirror of contemporary society and a window through which we view and deepen our understanding of the world and ourselves—a rich resource through which to consider current ideas and rethink the familiar. The work of contemporary artists is a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that challenges traditional assumptions and definitions. Diverse and eclectic, contemporary art is distinguished by the absence of a uniform organizing principle, ideology, or label. Contemporary artists give voice to the varied and changing landscapes of identity, values, and beliefs in the increasingly global culture of our diverse and technologically advancing world.”


We are beginning to explore contemporary art at CHS this month throughout each class. In Art II we have studied Cindy Sherman and her self portrait photographs, as well as Marcel Duchamp and his large role in Dadaism and creating readymades. In painting class, we have been studying the paintings of Van Gogh (post-Impressionist, not contemporary) alongside the works of Mark Bradford (painter with the broom above), understanding that artists and creators use their environments in different ways to contribute to their artistic ideas and artmaking. The AP art class is always exploring modern artists- tumblr is a great resource for up-and-coming artists, and we have found great examples of multi-medium artists who are doing things that we have never seen before. The students usually bring these artists to my attention- something that is a great accessory to my learning about contemporary art.

There are great resources that are free and extremely interesting, educational, and eye-opening. As a teacher, it is wonderful to have such a broad array of topics, artists, and movements to choose from. I suggest ART21 (a site that I have used and loved over the years, being introduced to it in my undergraduate art studies) to any student, educator, and artist interested in learning more about contemporary art. We will be using these in my classroom to study art history and artmaking, as well as criticism and aesthetics, for the rest of the semester.


Art21: http://www.pbs.org/art21/

*Great website for videos, interviews, educational guides, and artist bios.


2013 Art Show Success and Photos!

The CHS art show at the Neva Lomason Memorial Library was a hit! Here are some photos from the exhibit. The books will be on display for the whole month of March and into the first week of April (spring break)! Be sure to stop by and check all of the art out! Happy youth art month!

2013-03-10 21.38.06

Steve Martin (Pi Guy and AP Stat teacher at CHS) and his family checking out the books!

2013-03-10 20.50.37

Welcome to the exhibit!

2013-03-10 21.38.31

Four lovely senior NAHS members showing off the books!

2013-03-10 22.39.31

Madison, myself, and Ellen enjoying the show.

2013-03-10 20.52.30

CHS Art Show 2013

2013-03-10 20.52.03

Food and art- the best combo!

2013-03-10 20.50.56

Paintings and drawings at the CHS Art Show 2013.

2013-03-10 20.50.18

CHS Art Show 2013

2013-03-10 21.15.14

CHS Art Show 2013

2013-03-10 20.51.38

CHS Art Show 2013


Old Books become Art at CHS!

Students in Art 1 work on their altered books projects.

Students in Art 1 work on their altered books projects.

In the recent article of the Times-Georgian newspaper, Carrollton students took front page. We have been working on our altered books since August, and it’s time to finally show them off to everyone- outside of the classroom walls! Check out the article here. It promotes both the altered books project and the creativity of my students!


Come one, come all!


Please join us on March 10th from 3-5pm at Neva Lomason Memorial Library at 710 Rome Street, Carrollton, Georgia for some great art, food, and fun!

2013 Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase: CHS Takes BEST IN SHOW!

2013-02-17 00.35.04

2013 Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase Program

Congratulations to all of the students who entered work in the 2013 Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase at the Carrollton Cultural Arts Department this year! Carrollton High School had over 35 works entered and out of these, one was chosen for the Best In Show Award. Congratulations to Sophia Li for her drawing in graphite, Holding the Trapped, which was the chosen winner for the show this year. She received a $500 scholarship and will go on to compete in the Kiwanis State Competition in April, which will be here in Carrollton, GA at the Cultural Arts Department.

2013-02-17 00.17.20

2013 Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase Awards Presentation

2013-02-17 00.30.27

Sophia Li with her Best In Show Art Award.

2013-02-17 00.18.28

2013 Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase Winners

2013-02-16 23.30.46

Detail of Sophia Li’s “Holding the Trapped”

Here are some photographs from the exhibit that will be up until the first week in March.

2013-02-16 23.28.29

2013 Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase Gallery

2013-02-16 23.30.56

2013 Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase Gallery

2013-02-16 23.26.36

2013 Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase Gallery

2013-02-17 00.35.12

Onlookers in the 2013 Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase Gallery.

Celebrating Creativity and Abe Lincoln.

2013-02-12 09.38.42

We took the time to warm up our creative minds at the beginning of the 2B Art 1 class on February 12, 2013 to celebrate a very important birthday- the 204th birthday of President Lincoln! We use warm ups every day to start class to really open up our minds and think outside of the  box, usually drawing or painting, but we went all out on our Abraham Lincoln themed warm up and spread the word around the school! We had a great time, as the pictures will tell.

2013-02-12 11.48.13 2013-02-12 10.00.54 2013-02-12 12.58.08

2013-02-12 10.52.04

Art I and Assemblage Sculptures

2012-12-12 16.55.18

Earlier this semester, one of the Art I courses worked on a sculpture unit and studied Louise Nevelson and her assemblage sculptures. Here are a couple of images from the last day- the spraying of the sculptures! December wasn’t so cold for us, so this outdoor experience was quite nice. The sculptures are currently on display at CHS outside of the Agora Media Center and will be featured as a portion of the CHS Spring Exhibition Art Show at the Neva Lomason Library in March. More details to come about the show later!

2012-12-12 16.58.55 2012-12-12 16.58.22 2012-12-12 17.02.57 2012-12-12 09.50.47 2012-12-12 16.43.29 2012-12-12 17.02.29

Doodle 4 GOOGLE!


Our classes are taking part in the Doodle 4 Google contest, which is a great opportunity for students to explore their creativity around the Google logo and participate in a contest with a great reward!

From the website, Google 4 Doodle is  ” a contest where we invite students in the United States to use their artistic talent to think big and redesign Google’s Doodle for millions to see. This year, we ask students to exercise their creative imaginations around the theme, “My best day ever…” One talented student artist will see their artwork appear on the Google homepage and receive a $30,000 college scholarship. And their school will be awarded a $50,000 technology grant.”

Doesn’t that sound great?! We’ll be working hard on this, as every student from the CHS artroom will have the opportunity to enter their design!

Upcoming Show at CPRCAD!

Drew Lingrell 2013

On Saturday, February 16th the Carrollton Parks and Recreation, Cultural Arts Department will be opening it’s Annual Juried Arts Show around 5pm, following an announcement of winners from the show’s entries. Our program submitted over 30 works, both two and three-dimensional, covering a wide variety of topics, interests, mediums, and sizes. The works are extremely impressive and the students worked very hard on their individual submissions, as well as getting the work to the show. Thanks to all who helped and contributed! Please come out and support our students this Saturday!

End of the Semester Work

What a great first semester Fall 2012 was! The classes studied artmaking, art history, and art criticism within each lesson and worked hard at creating projects and artworks that reflected their individual interests and ideas. I must say, I am very proud. I cannot wait to see what Spring 2013 brings! Take a look at some snapshots from the end of the semester!

2012-12-20 07.03.01 ellen bm scratch 2012-12-14 11.17.04 2012-12-04 20.41.51 2012-12-04 18.11.04 2012-12-04 18.34.05 2012-12-04 20.37.46 2012-12-19 09.42.18 2012-12-04 17.18.39 2012-12-04 17.16.11 2012-12-04 17.14.03 2012-12-04 11.25.07 2012-12-04 22.09.48

AP Concentration Ideas


AP STUDENTS! Take a look at these helpful links before we return to school in January. They may help you in your analysis of your concentration ideas (which should be developing daily as you are away from school) and breadth development.

CollegeBoard overview of portfolio

CollegeBoard AP 2D portfolio example: look at last 4-5 pages in document for guidance

Portfolios 2007, examples of concentrations and breadths

Portfolios 2007, breadth

Portfolio examples, very mature art

Student examples, multiple from St. Andrew’s school

IMPORTANT: concentration powerpoint PLEASE take a look at this!

It is really important that you take time to look at these and study why they are great/moderate/unacceptable examples of an AP portfolio, and think about your own work in comparison.


Email me if you have any questions: Katherine.Ingui@carrolltoncityschools.net