CHS art students visit SCAD in Atlanta.

In October, CHS art students had the opportunity to travel to SCAD Atlanta and tour the studios, explore the galleries, and experience hands on in a Television and Broadcasting workshop. Students were put to the task of running a television news broadcast- requiring talent both behind and in front of the camera. Overall, each student […]

Going contemporary at CHS with ART21

Something that has ALWAYS interested me as a student, artist, and teacher has been contemporary art. Contemporary art really does include and cover so many different things, people, art, places, spaces, meanings, materials, etc. but ultimately it is a movement that is currently happening- it is art that is being made in the present. Art […]

2013 Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase: CHS Takes BEST IN SHOW!

Congratulations to all of the students who entered work in the 2013 Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase at the Carrollton Cultural Arts Department this year! Carrollton High School had over 35 works entered and out of these, one was chosen for the Best In Show Award. Congratulations to Sophia Li for her drawing in graphite, […]

AP Concentration Ideas

AP STUDENTS! Take a look at these helpful links before we return to school in January. They may help you in your analysis of your concentration ideas (which should be developing daily as you are away from school) and breadth development. CollegeBoard overview of portfolio CollegeBoard AP 2D portfolio example: look at last 4-5 pages […]

Big Kids and Little Kids: Collaborating with CES through art!

Today, Ms. Ingui and the students in the painting class had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Mrs. Fowlkes’ first grade class at Carrollton Elementary School. The collaboration between the two teachers is special, not only because having students teach and work with other students is a great opportunity for learning, but also because Ms. Ingui […]