CHS art students visit SCAD in Atlanta.

In October, CHS art students had the opportunity to travel to SCAD Atlanta and tour the studios, explore the galleries, and experience hands on in a Television and Broadcasting workshop. Students were put to the task of running a television news broadcast- requiring talent both behind and in front of the camera. Overall, each student did a wonderful job participating and contributing to the day, which was filled with art, food, and fun. The art department sends a HUGE thanks to the administration for this opportunity- it was so very special!

2013-10-23 11.09.43 2013-10-23 11.11.25 2013-10-23 11.44.42 2013-10-23 11.28.30 2013-10-23 10.09.08 2013-10-23 11.08.05 2013-10-23 11.11.15 2013-10-23 10.18.17 2013-10-23 10.17.47 2013-10-23 11.06.35



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