Happy End of the Year!

2013-05-23 11.47.51

The end of the year was nicely spent finishing up art projects in all classes- Art I and II with their altered books and Drawing I/II and Painting I with year-long concentration works based on a theme. The AP students finished with their exam on May 10th which went extremely well (we had lots of doughnuts and Corner Cafe to aid our efforts) and I couldn’t be more proud. The work at the end was extraordinary by all and I am so proud of our creative students! Summer is here and the art room is clean. Time to kick back and relax- and continue to make more art! Ciao!

2013-05-23 10.32.25-1 2013-05-22 08.19.49 2013-05-20 12.56.39 2013-05-20 11.46.13 2013-05-20 11.45.41 2013-05-10 07.18.04 2013-05-02 07.30.19 2013-05-23 10.35.23

2013-05-15 06.08.02


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