AP Concentration Ideas

AP STUDENTS! Take a look at these helpful links before we return to school in January. They may help you in your analysis of your concentration ideas (which should be developing daily as you are away from school) and breadth development. CollegeBoard overview of portfolio CollegeBoard AP 2D portfolio example: look at last 4-5 pages […]

Big Kids and Little Kids: Collaborating with CES through art!

Today, Ms. Ingui and the students in the painting class had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Mrs. Fowlkes’ first grade class at Carrollton Elementary School. The collaboration between the two teachers is special, not only because having students teach and work with other students is a great opportunity for learning, but also because Ms. Ingui […]

New Project: Art I and Assemblage Sculptures

In the 2B Art I course, we are studying Louise Nevelson and her assemblage sculptures. Nevelson (1900-1988) was an American sculptor who created large monochromatic (one color) works of art using found materials such as cardboard, wood, and metal- things that she found during her daily life and saw an opportunity to transform into art. […]