Painting: Broken Glass Bugs

In the Painting course this semester, we are studying color theory and the application of color, mixing color, and creating contrast with color. The students have created broken bug paintings, in which they were assigned to choose an insect to draw, create a large composition featuring the insect and it’s parts, and introduce a “broken […]

Sketchbook Assignment: Self-Portrait Drawings

For the third sketchbook assignment, students worked on self-portraits from life, in which they were to work from a mirror to try their best to render a portrait of themselves in their sketchbooks. This assignment was meant to do a couple of different things for each student: challenge them to work from real life (and […]


Here’s a preview into our ALTERED BOOKS project, via photos taken from the Art I and II courses. Basically, an altered book is any book that is transformed into a work of art by an artist based on his/her ideas, creativity, and artistic style. Students at CHS are exploring the altered books through prompts given […]