AP Concentration Ideas

These topics are great starting points for the concentration portion of the AP portfolio. Consider the relationships, themes, and concepts as they relate to you and how they could inspire creative artmaking. For non-AP students, use these starting points when developing ideas for projects and year-long projects. The ideas were discovered here, http://www.amiria.co.nz/artist/a-level-art-exam-paper/#.   Encounters, Experiences […]

Art I Assignment 2: Insects

For the next project in ART I, we will be focusing on line, design, shape, form, and pattern… as they appear in the outer appearances of insects.  In class, we discussed the following questions while looking at different insects: What shapes do you see? What patterns, designs, forms, and lines are used? Is the insect […]

Edward Hopper’s Lady in Pink

NPR recently interviewed museum curators about Edward Hopper’s famous painting, Morning Sun, which was painted in 1952. From the interview: ” “The model was Jo, [who was] Hopper’s wife,” Wolfe says. “She insisted after they were married in the ’20s that she be his only model.” She was 69 when she posed for Morning Sun, […]